Sunee LaClaire 


Sunee styling.jpg


With a rather serious inability to stay in one place too long, Sunee LaClaire has traveled the world in search of unique style. In her first career as a classroom teacher, she sought out positions teaching in international schools in California, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. She used all of her vacation time to travel, being inspired by the architecture and fashions of cities all over Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

Fully embracing the expatriate lifestyle, Sunee decided to start her own business as an image consultant in Hong Kong in 2009. She brought her education background into her practice, teaching her clients about how to use colour, shape, fit, and etiquette to further their aims.  Instead of simply telling clients what they should be wearing, Sunee uses her skills gathered studying both Psychology and Education to carefully listen to clients and help them discover how they can harness the power of confidence by embracing their individuality.


After more than 6 years living in Hong Kong, Sunee was bit by the travel bug once again and decided to return to New York in 2012 to learn more about menswear and the world of fashion tech. She spent time working with companies such as Indochino and Arden Reed  to further her understanding of the perfect fit in men's clothing. In 2014, motivated by the jump in virtual closet technology and the ease of being able to style clients online, she set out to create To Love Style.