Responsible Yoga Gear

Thanks to the athleisure trend, there are an almost overwhelming abundance of choices of where to get your workout gear. And as in the rest of the fashion world, the majority of companies peddling stretchy pants are not taking a sustainable approach. The hypocrisy of improving our health in clothing that has injured the health of other humans or the earth should not be lost. While we are working out, getting our ohm on, or taking a walk through the woods, we deserve clothing that was made ethically, out of responsible fabrics, by people who care about our environment. Here are some suggestions of sustainable clothing that you can feel good about stretching and strengthening in.


American Fitness Couture manufactures their products in California with a focus on quality and fair treatment of the people who work for them. 

 SoulFlower uses organic cotton blends, low impact dyes, and manufactures in the USA. They make plenty of basic garments that can be incorporated into your casual closet in addition to your workout wear. 

Lily Lotus also manufactures in the USA and have been very careful about documenting their multiple ecological efforts through not only their products, but their office as well. They use organic cotton spandex blends for athletic wear and bamboo spandex blends for lifestyle pieces.

Yoga Democracy manufactures their gear in Arizona out of recycled fabrics and and non toxic dye process. Plus they have some of the most fun and vibrant prints as well well as different lengths. 

Dharma Bums is an Australian yoga and active wear company that produces in OZ. They use small production facilities and real people models in addition to living the lifestyle they espouse.


eleven44 uses organic cotton to make their leggings. They have several different styles, including extra length. They practice slow fashion, manufacturing in small family owned facilities with close working relationships.

Green Apple makes their active wear from a bamboo blend and while the website does not tell us much about where and with whom they produce their products, they do have good deal of information about their decision to use bamboo and organic cotton.

LVR designs their athletic gear with organic cotton and makes the pieces in Los Angeles. They partner with a local and international charities to improve the lives of both people and wildlife.

Fibre Athletics makes their t-shirts out of a cotton / hemp blend. The company has a social mission to support various organizations that work to improve lives through poverty alleviation and environmental restoration.   

FOAT Design uses organic cotton to construct their well thought out products in a slow fashion model. Started by twin sisters, the brand focuses on quality and craftsmanship.  

Neva Wear has a different approach to their ethical mission. They employ women in America and South Asia to embroider messages on their active wear, providing fair employment opportunities.

Next time you are looking for athletic clothing, ask about the fabrics and the manufacturing. Do you want to invest in yoga pants that are made out of fabric that will never biodegrade? Or have the clothing you wear in search of enlightenment bring misery to the people who made it? Instead, try sporting some threads that are great for you and the planet and the people who made them.