To Stylist or Not to Stylist

The idea of having a personal stylist seems out of reach to most Americans. It is a service that we think of as being reserved for the rich and famous; people who are constantly being photographed and judged by all on their appearance and wardrobe choices.

“Style is the image of character.”
— -Edward Gibbon

The truth is we are all being evaluated by what we wear, on how we look. We may have different goals for our daily image, our personal brand, than a celebrity who is always in the spotlight, but that doesn't mean we could not benefit from some assistance in crafting our look. The messages that we silently send with our attire choices should be purposeful. We should carefully construct them so that we are leaving an impression that we approve of.

Not every one has effectively learned that attire choices can communicate messages that we can not convey verbally. There are several possible reasons that we as Americans place less emphasis on teaching this skill than previous generations or other societies. As a culture, we are highly  individualistic. We have become a nation obsessed with comfort. The athleasure trend is a testament to how we have decided that stretchy fabrics and ignoring expanding waistlines is more important than customizing our own style and lessons on how to use attire to further our personal and professional goals.

To the people who have not yet made these discoveries, when we observe impressive personal style of those who have, it seems like they have some magical powers, some secret formula that we are not privy to. The truth is the opposite though. People with great style have been educated to do so themselves, or they pay someone else for that knowledge. Great style is not an instinct, it is a learned skill.

With all the press celebrity stylists receive, it makes us mere mortals start to wonder about how we can achieve eye-catching looks when we want or need to. For those of us who live a little further from the clouds and closer to the ground than your average famous person, spending money to hire a stylist to dress us for one event seems out of the question, not to mention having some one else put together our everyday looks. It sounds like an "I wish I  had..." statement that we would never be able to achieve.

“Our wallets are being pimped to the desires of a greedy fashion empire that can never be satisfied.”

In truth, there has never been a time when it has been easier and more accessible for regular people to learn the ways in which they can consistently and comfortably look their best. There is a plethora of information published in magazines, books, and on the internet about how to dress the varying body shapes, trendy color combinations, and how to accessorize anything. Styling advice is readily available through apps and blogs. Realistically however, the vast majority of that information is that it is intended to sell us more clothing, more shoes, more jewelry. Our wallets are being pimped to the desires of a greedy fashion empire that can never be satisfied. The drastic swing of fashion from one extreme to the other, the pronouncement of a color of the year, the constant bombardment of 'must-have' lists are all designed to get us to buy, to spend more money on items we don't need. Looking your best does not require an inexhaustible budget or a massive wardrobe. It is easy to achieve with a relatively small collection of very well thought out purchases.

slim closet.jpg


There has been a growing movement to the capsule wardrobe, an investment in fewer, more classic and well-constructed garments instead of a closet full of clothing that go unworn. While this may work for some people who have already acquired a definitive style and who are happy wearing a similar look daily, it may not work for someone who has yet to discover exactly the best looks for themselves and who is still experimenting with their look.


ToLoveStyle is a personal stylist service for the rest of us. It isn't prohibitively expensive. It doesn't require a large budget, wardrobe, or even that you commit to buying new clothing. It is a way for you to learn, with the help of an actual personal stylist, how to use the clothing that you own to create a personal style that will help you achieve your image goals. If you want to add to your collection, your stylist can help you make thoughtful purchases that will add the most value to your current wardrobe. You can be sure that all of the selections come from reputable retailers who have been researched in their design and production methods and strategies. You can relax, knowing that you have someone on your team who will make sure that you look your best everyday and for special occasions. Having a personal stylist goes from dream to reality.