5 ways to wear a pencil skirt

1. The Schoolgirl

A high-waisted pencil skirt with a cropped sweater provides a little punk inspiration. A plaid bag, safety pin earrings, and studded bracelet round out the look.

2. The Office Mom

A long stripped sweater and basic accessories allows the look to be contemporary and office appropriate. The use of colour makes it anything but boring.

3. The Intern

Pairing the skirt with a black and white blouse and flats creates a comfortable look that holds up well for a long day of school, work, and out with friends.

4. The Ingenue

Guaranteed to turn heads, the high contrast combination of three bright colours keeps you the focus of attention, all night long.

5. The Life of the Party

The little bit of sparkle in this ensemble goes a long way to lighting up your bright smile. There's no way you wouldn't feel great when looking this festive.