5 ways to wear a shift dress


This shift dress is the perfect background for almost any look.

1. Green-Eyed Charmer

Ready for work or for play, wearing the dress with a collar necklace and loafers is both cute and practical.

2. Black and White Belle

Black and white is basic but it doesn't need to be boring. Tux inspired flats add some fun flair to a basic B&W look.

3. Glitter Goddess

Belting the dress creates a leaner silhouette and glitter accessories make it ready for a night out on the town.

4. Rock Diva

Colour is great but sometimes an all-black ensemble just does the job. In order to make all black interesting, mixing textures and adding fun accessories is key.

5. Amethyst Angel

Everyone looks good in some version of purple. These accessories can take your look from day to night with ease.